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Do you Have problems with blocked, broken or failed pipes? We know that a blocked pipe can be a big problem. It can affect your entire family cycle and create a remarkably unpleasant atmosphere in your home or office. At Clean Slate, we give blocked pipes high priority. Clean Slate has high experience in drain cleaning problems, and there is no complicated job for our team.

Do you know when you should call a drain cleaning expert?
Noises that are coming from drain lines smell like mold or rotten food, slow draining sinks. If you notice one or more of these, it is the time of call a drain cleaning expert.

Symptoms of Drain Issues

Do you notice noises that are coming from your water lines?
Do you have a mold or rotten food smell arising from your sink?
Is the water coming out of your sinks?

Causes of Clogged Drains

Soap layers
Soap layers often happen in secondary drains like laundry, toilets, and showers. As the detergent is coming down the drain, it will, over time grow on the walls of the pipe. Although this happens gradually, the water can back up very suddenly as the drain pipe is reduced in diameter by the layers.

Grease Layer
Grease layers happen just like soap layers, only much faster. This often occurs inside the pipes of the kitchen sink. Hot water carries the oil from washing dishes and dishwashers. It is cooling by air or water. When this hot grease cools quickly, it sticks to around the pipe.


Also, one of the possible causes of blocked drains can be toiletries. It is not a new issue to see people flushing nappies and wipes down the toilet. This is the wrong thing to do. As you may have noticed before, nappies collect and absorb a great amount of water and become 4-5 times bigger. This might give you an opinion of what happens when they are flushing down the toilet. Plus, baby wipes are not like toilet rolls that can quickly dissolve when immersed in water and as such can get stuck in the pipes how resulting in a blockage.

Benefits of Using a Drain Cleaning Service

Decreased Blockages and Clogs

Pipe blockages and clogs can change to the insignificant and disturbing, such as a closed toilet, to the harmful, such as a closed sewer line. Pipe blockages can result from layers of foreign materials around the pipes, old or damaged channels, or also the invasion of plants. These clogs can need extensive work to remove and may require the need for rooter service. Working with us and the way you use your plumbing system, can help to prevent these clogs and blockages developing in the first place.

Fixing Slow Drains

Slow drains can show sewer blockages or problems with drainage in the main sewer line. Slow drains can develop mold and mildew growth. We can find the main reason with the cutting edge video inspection technology and fix it before it becomes a more significant problem.

Defeat Odors

Drains and sewers produce a smell that we all usually find unpleasant. Closed and slow drains can create odors around your home. If you notice a bad odor in your house, especially nearby your plumbing, To find the reason, calling us will be a good idea.

A Fresh and Comfortable Home Environment

Clogged pipes, drainage problem, and sewage backflows can all diminish from your home atmosphere. Slow pipes can cause mildew and mold growth, sewage backflows increase the spread of bacteria and microorganisms, while clogged pipes can block your lavatory flushing. If you have these type of problems, call us as soon as possible. We will help you to turn back your regular family cycle.