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Video Inspection Services

Clean Slate offers video inspection service of sewer line for its valuable customers. With this cutting edge technology, our plumbing experts can show what is wrong with the pipe, and we can show exactly where it is. With a tiny camera and a handheld screen, we can show what the issue is.

Without this type of technology, finding the main problem is difficult. Video inspection is not only helping what the problem is, but it helps to see where it is, and this benefit reduces plumbing cost.

Our video inspection services can:

Show the specific spot where a drain line has a problem, whether it is a crack, leak or roots clogging the drain or a cave-in.

Features of Our Video Inspection Services
Our video inspection services offer the following features:

  • 24/7 emergency services in the event of sewer backups or leaks
  • Real-time diagnostics that you can follow on our technician’s handheld
  • A complete written report of the findings of the initial inspection
  • Another video inspection after the work has been completed so you can assess the condition of the sewer line yourself

Advantages of Video Inspection

There are many different advantages of the video inspection. Not just find the problems, but it can prevent future problems if you demand regular video inspection. Separate records from different time periods can show us future issues.

Video Inspection of Drain Lines

There are many problems that a drain line video inspection can tell. Video inspection of drain lines can also detect broken or cracked pipes and show any root infiltration from the plants and trees roots. These inspections can also reveal the specific part of the drain line that has failed. The plumber can even know about the partly failed or corroded pipes.